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Whithorn Priory and The Pend

Above Whithorn Priory

Whithorn is referred to as the 'Cradle of Christianity' as St Ninnian brought Christianity to Scotland here, he was the first apostle to the Pictish people founding a Candida Casa or White House at Whithorn around 397 AD he was interred at Whithorn in the 5th century and even then Whithorn was seen as an important place, archaeological finds of glass and pottery from Gaul are documented, suggesting trade and an exchange of ideas from an early time, towards the Medieval ages Whithorn became a significant place of pilgrimage. Whithorn became a Royal Burgh 1511 AD.

Whithorn Trust Visitor Centre website The Whithorn Trust

The Whithorn Trust Visitor Centre and cafe is the starting point for the visitor who wishes to learn about the oldest church in Scotland, and the community which grew up around it. Whithorn has an internationally important collection of Christian stones, reflecting the early period at which Ninian founded his church.

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