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The Wicker Man 1973 Locations

You may be wondering why this pretty cottage (at Anwoth) is infront of you but ask any 'Wicker Man' fan and they'll instantly recognise it as the schoolhouse in the film, Sgt Howie (Edward Woodwood) once stood in the doorway with actress Diane Cilento, the schoolmistress.

Come it's time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man..

Yes this quiet, Galloway backwater is a perfect place, beautiful, remote, uspoilt, the locals are warm and friendly until having led you a dance they deceive you, attempt to seduce you, dress you up and you burn you alive as a human sacrifice...

Where is Rowan Morrison?' demands Howie.

Also at Anwoth is the old Kirk, 'desecrated', Howie was shocked to find, Anwoth was also where the maypole scene was filmed. Today Anwoth is just the same, well, less the props.

Whilst my picture of the schoolhouse has blossom on the tree, when shooting the film in October to late November 1972 in the least summery conditions imagineable, the produ…

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