The Bookshop comes out of Lockdown 1

Shaun Bythell
Shaun Bythell
The Bookshop is Scotland's largest second-hand bookshop, situated in Wigtown, Scotland's book town.

It's more than just a second-hand bookshop, it's home to proprietor Shaun Bethyll author of 'The Diary of a Bookseller', 'Confessions of a Bookseller', and soon to be published, 'Seven Kinds of People you find in Bookshops'. I bought 'Diary' when we first came to the Machars and loved it, it's about him and the staff, the travails of running a book selling business and how he likes or sometimes dislikes dealing with the general public.

Several years later, 'Confessions' continues the theme and as I know so much more about the area now, including the places mentioned and events in Wigtown and Galloway I found it totally engrossing. I like Shaun's quirky attitude. In common with Shaun I run a long standing small business and enjoy an autonomy others never know, I 'get' that he also revels in it, and like me, he puts in the graft often for little return and tries his best to be fair often despite himself. Though patience may wear thin.

The Bookshop has a mile of shelves, apparently, and I always call in when we visit Wigtown and peruse maybe twenty linear feet of the local selections for interesting books about the area for us and our visitors to enjoy when staying in our self catering chalets at the Isle of Whithorn, and mostly I find something interesting. BTW I never ask for a discount, I don't engage in irrelavant conversation, and I never mention Amazon. But I do read some postcards, always giggle at the titles in the erotica section. And say, please and thank you.

I took the picture (above right) on the first day the shop re-opened, 15th of July 2020 following it's 116 days of closure (lockdown) and Shaun had erected on his counter the fuzziest piece of perspex ever seen or rather not seen through, I'm not sure if it's for his benefit to blur out the customers or for the customers to blur out him... Either way join the Bookshop on Facebook here and the website there.


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