Doocot at Physgill or near Glasserton Home Farm


In Scotland a dovecot is known as a 'doocot', usually found beside large houses or castles, they housed doves or pigeons, which effectively were kept for meat, especially when scarce, eggs and feathers for pillows or bedding and also dung for fertiliser, dung was also used for softening leather.

In Scottish mythology the destruction of a doocot would lead to a death of a family member within  year or in another version the lady of the house would die within a year. This may be the reason that a dovecot may remain long after the house or castle has gone.

In this case the dovecot at Glasserton which dates to the 18thC appears to be somewhat neglected but still standing, the nearby farm also appears in the same condition. In 1962 a photo survey of monument and listed buildings showed the doocot in very good condition click here.


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